What's Shaking?

We brought break buttons to the Xpress Login.

In California, employers must provide paid breaks to their employees. And having a proof that breaks have been taken can be handy in case of a lawsuit.
That’s why we’ve decided to introduce two additional buttons to the Xpress Login interface. These buttons are disabled by default and you must activate them in the License page.

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Once you have enabled this feature, you should see the buttons in your Xpress Login page.

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After that, it is easy to see when your employees had their break and how long it was:

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And you can of course edit them and remove them. However, to manually add a break, the person itself must take a break, if the person has already clocked-out then it’s too late to mark the break for the day.

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I hope you will enjoy this new feature !

Breaks will not stop the clock and are not considered as unpaid time. You cannot go out for a break if you did not clock-in first. You cannot come back from a break if you didn’t trigger the “I’m out for a break”. If you forget to clock before going out on a break, just do it when you are back, in and out quickly and then ask the admins to modify the length of the break if it matters.

Breaks are just an electronic evidence that the employees did have a break and a more precise way to monitor your employees’ productivity.


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